Wednesday, 4/12: Gramma, Vocab + Relay, Mars!

Tomorrow’s Test: See the above title. Also remember that extra credit vocab sentences are due tomorrow!

Grammar Revue.

“Grammar Review, 4/12.” Copy and label them all. (11)

Beetle somewhat bravely endured their anger and cruel taunts in silence.


“Vocabulary 4/12.” (13)

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____ (Fill in the blank on the poster.)
  4. Change the form of the word_______, and you get a previous vocab word that fits the pic.
  5. excited : disappointed :: savvy : ____
  6. jovial : peevish :: credulous : _____
  7. In addition to being very functional and useful, the machine was also ____(ally) pleasing.
  8. In order for a species to survive, it must ______ itself.
  9. (2) My mom knew I was up to something when I suddenly went from being _______ to being _____. I was never that nice without wanting something in return.
  10. (3) Some people say that it is only a _____ that there is life after death, and that we are being _____ to think that we are anything but worm food. But someone who is deeply religious might say that kind of talk is _____.


Vocabulary Relay – Mime Stylie!


“The Third Expedition.” (1979)


 Begin “-And the Moon Be Still as Bright.” (p48)