Monday, 3/20: Copy Homework, SAWs, Wheel of Doom, Debrief Test 27, Giver

Copy homework into planner. I will have Giver Project handouts tomorrow.

“SAWs, 3/20.”  Each word twice; once for a picture and once for a sentence.
formulate, criteria, assess, standardized, correspond
points-lines-and-angles what-is-brainstorming-definition p189cut4gmi4qtvcu91msp1sj91c gears ruler

6. The root of this word means to judge.  _______
7. After a lot of thinking, he _____(ed) a plan.
8. After her friend moved far away, they still _____(ed) by email and text messaging.
9. (2) Do _____, multiple choice tests really _____ what a student knows?


Wheel of Doom for Husker Du!

Period One.

Period Two.

Period Three.

Period Six.


Debrief Test 27. Really? #13? Really?

The Giver.