Monday, 2/26: Homework, Wheel of Doom, SAWs, Debrief Test #24, Dah Givah!

Copy homework into planner.

“SAWs, 2/26.”
yield (verb) to make or produce OR give way to someone else
participate (verb) to take part or be involved
superior (adjective) higher quality; better
resilient (adjective) able to recover quickly
consensus (noun) general agreement


Wheel of Doom for Husker Du!

Period One – Test #16

Period Two – Test #19

Period Three – Test #7

Period Five – Test #15


Debrief Test #24.


Pass out Giver Books and begin!

Bring your book EVERY DAY!!!

Stick: Mandatory .25 to rent a book (or 1 break detention or 3 points deducted from Friday’s Test score) Storage fee for books left behind: Same as above.
Carrot: Whole class six (6) consecutive periods with everyone having a book = 1 week off KBARR.